Catholic Charities

Mission Statement

Catholic Charities of Orange County extends the love of God to all by serving people in need, strengthening families and our community, and supporting local parish ministries.

Who We Are

Catholic Charities of Orange County serves as a social services agency in the Diocese of Orange. We promote a holistic approach to social service delivery that is client-centered and community-based. Our strength lies not only in the effectiveness of the services we provide, but in our ability to access our community’s hard-to-reach populations in need.

Who We Serve

God’s people in need without regard to their religious affiliation.

Services We Provide

  • Food pantry distribution programs
  • Nutrition education and obesity prevention classes
  • CalFresh enrollment and education
  • Immigration and Citizenship assistance
  • Counseling and therapy services for children, adults and families
  • New Hope Crisis Counseling Hotline: (714) NEW-HOPE
  • Natural family planning education
  • Camps for people with disabilities

Our Website

Visit our website for detailed information on the services we provide to those in need in our community

Our Office