Disability Services

Mission Statement

We work for the inclusion of all the baptized into the embrace of the faith community.

General Description

We in the Diocese of Orange believe a disability will never be used as a reason to deprive persons from receiving the Sacraments or belonging to our faith community. We promote accessibility of mind and heart so that all persons with disabilities may be welcomed at worship and at every level of service as full members of the Body of Christ.

Who We Serve

Persons and families with disabilities
Priests, Deacons and Parish Leaders
Directors of Faith Formation and Pastoral Care
Catechists and Volunteers

What We Provide

The ministry serves all parishes in supporting our special needs community. Our key service areas focus on staff training and supporting persons and families with disabilities:

  • Worship together as a family at Mass
  • Grow in Faith through faith formation sessions and activities that accommodate their unique learning styles
  • Socialize with a faith community in an environment that is set up for success
  • Strengthen the family unit through support groups and prayer network
  • Exchange information, share resources, encourage collaboration, foster awareness and partnerships that support the mission of the ministry



Day of Sharing

3rd Saturday in April 

Outdoor festival for persons with disabilities sponsored by the Knights of Columbus, Orange County chapters. 

For more information, please contact Dan Kane dan0043@gmail.com

Speech & Language Development Center 
8699 Holder Street
Buena Park

Special Olympics

Sponsored by Mater Dei High School.

For more information, please contact Maurissa Talarico: 714-850-9558 or mtalarico@materdei.org


Andrea West
(714) 282-3039