Becoming a
Diocesan Priest

Discerning to become a priest for the Diocese of Orange?

Take a look at our FAQ’s below to understand the process of spiritual
discernment to priesthood as well as the details on what the requirements,
application, and process entails.

The journey

  • Be 18-40 Years of Age.
  • Be a Practicing Catholic.
  • Desire to Serve God and His Church.
  • Prayerful and Open Disposition to the Lord’s Calling.
  • Residence in the Diocese for at least 2 years.
  • High school diploma/GED by time of entrance into Seminary.
  • suffers from amentia or other psychic illness
  • committed apostasy, heresy, or schism
  • has an existing bond of marriage
  • committed voluntary homicide or procured an abortion
  • mutilated others or himself; who has attempted suicide
  • impersonated a member in the clerical state
  • Connect with your parish priest. Prayerfully choose a Spiritual Director.
  • Pray and attend Mass and Adoration often.
  • Attend Diocesan Discernment Meetings
  • Reach out to Vocations Director for an initial interview
  • Beginning with an Initial interview, one first must get approval from the Vocations Director and Vocations Admission Board through an application and approval assessment. Then, there is formation paperwork and a psychological evaluation which leads to seminary applications and interviews. Once you are accepted, you begin your entrance to Seminary!